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Be Branded UK Workshops

The introduction to personal branding includes an overview of all 4 aspects of the acronym P.A.C.K. (Presentation, Approach, Communication and Knowledge). Those who attend the session should be able to come away with take home tips that will enable them to implement their own personal branding strategy.

This more in depth tutorial and workshop will enable attendees to actively develop a personal brand to improve their confidence in the outside world – particularly when looking for employment or when joining a new organisation.

Communication is key in any environment, work or personal, in this workshop we will discuss the 3 aspects of face to face communication: Verbal, Vocal and Visual. This is followed by an insight into written communication in business emails and via social media.

Who are you…on paper? : Successful CV writing

Put simply the right type of CV will open doors, often individuals struggle to create a CV that hits the right notes thus encouraging the desired outcome – An interview and job offer. Our CV workshop advises individuals on how to create a CV that is interesting, well formatted and illustrates not only their skill but their personality. This can also be paired with one to one tuition where required.

So, what do they want? : Interview techniques

This session covers what to say and how to say it in an interview scenario, this includes the best way to answer a question, questions to expect and how to utilise experience to make the answer the most relevant. The confidence that comes from practicing these techniques has led our clients to success in finding the right role. It is also helped existing staff going for internal promotion opportunities.

This session is essential for finding, keeping and building a network that can be used whilst looking for employment and during their career. In the session we cover: what networking is, the importance of building a network, how to network, creating an elevator pitch, breaking into formed groups, exiting a conversation, building a new relationship and continuing networking opportunities within social media.

Social Media for your Personal Brand

This session concentrates on utilising the internet for business purposes, the majority of clients that we work with are very computer savvy and are active within the social media space but have not considered how they might capitalise on this activity from a commercial perspective. We teach them how to use their hobbies, experience and general interest in social media to build a following, network and essentially build their profile to enable them to generate new links or find employment away from the expected recruitment channels.

7 seconds to make an impression! We show them why it is important to dress for the job they want, whilst maintaining their own unique personal brand. Looking at acceptable workwear attire, dressing to align with the company brand and personal brand but also looking at personal requirements i.e. shape, colour, style, fit etc. We can also advise junior clients how to dress for success whilst on a budget.

Make-Up Masterclass, 2hours, max 10 people per make-up artist

Created for women, this session is essential to any woman entering/ currently in the labour market. Presentation is vital to employment and women need to know how to apply make up in a natural and professional manner.

This workshop is an intense crash course in starting your own business, being in business (including the challenges) and unlocking your true potential. This session is facilitated by experienced and award winning entrepreneurs, who can use their real life experience (good and bad) to point you in the right direction and prevent you from making potentially expensive mistakes. This workshop will not only improve your business prospects by giving you an insight in to the way business works but it will also give you a true understanding of the world of business by a real life Managing Director.

W2W – Women to Work Programme

This inspirational programme has been constructed to assist the development and confidence of women planning to go back into the world of work after a period of absence. During this programme the women are taught key personal development and employability skills to enhance their job prospects enabling them to gain employment and advance in their career. The course covers everything from personal presentation, CV writing, interview skills to social media for employment. The course is run by women for women and includes a section on self-employment.

Personal branding strategy creation and coaching is available to individuals; the package is bespoke to account for their personal requirements.

Image Consultancy Services:

In addition to our personal development workshops and consultations, we offer clients private sessions to help them to enhance their image. Customers can choose from the following services:

  • Personal Fitting and Style Consultation
  • Wardrobe Consultation
  • Personal Shopping
  • Concierge Shopping (stylist shops on customers behalf)
  • Make Up Masterclass.
  • Full Style Makeover including photoshoot
  • Group Styling Workshops