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Offering our client action orientated, fun and interactive personal branding/employability training to help
students get on the career ladder and career changers or the unemployed to make the right move.

BE Employed UK actively help unemployed individuals, students, graduates and career changers to understand what is required of them to be successful in an ever changing labour market.

We have a clear commitment to employability, we use Personal Brand development and industry knowledge to create programmes that aid career advancement and the work life cycle in general.

Our services are taught via workshops and coaching by industry experts.

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Why Do We Do It?

At Be Employed UK we like to focus our attention on helping all jobseekers (graduates, apprentices, pre-16’s, interns, college students and those in career transition) on their journey into employment.

Given current levels of unemployment and job insecurity we want to ensure that our clients are prepared for the competitive job market.

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