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Employability Workshops

Essence of Employability

Our services are largely based on refining the softer skills with a focus on employability, we want to arm and empower our clients with the ability to succeed in a challenging labour market.

We offer ‘Essence of Employability’ workshops in the following areas:

  1. Brand You : Introduction to Personal Branding
  2. Personal Branding and confidence building for a new career
  3. Effective Communication
  4. Who are you…on paper? : Successful CV writing
  5. So, what do they want? : Interview techniques
  6. Networking in Practice : Effective Networking Skills
  7. Social Media for the labour Market
  8. How to ‘Dress for Success’?
  9. Make-Up Masterclass, 2hours, max 10 people per make-up artist

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