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Why Do We Do It?

At Be Employed UK we like to focus our attention on helping all jobseekers (graduates, apprentices, pre-16’s, interns, college students and those in career transition) on their journey into employment. Given current levels of unemployment and job insecurity we want to ensure that our clients are prepared for the competitive job market.

Higher Education and Further Education

It is essential to set these behaviours from a young age, as there are a number of concerns surrounding the current youth market; one of which is that they are not ‘employable’. We want to ensure they have the right tuition; to give them the correct skill set, to enable them to dress and communicate in the appropriate manner for an interview and the work environment.

From September 2012 higher education institutions were required to present their statistics on job outcomes, i.e. the number of students who successfully secure employment after they complete the course/qualification. Funding will be withdrawn from higher education institutions that are not able to illustrate positive job outcome data. Now, more than ever it is the responsibility of higher education institutions and youth work schemes to prepare these individuals for life after education, thus ensuring they are the ‘right fit’ from the beginning.

We have a diverse offering that caters to the youth and their ability to create an effective personal brand to enhance their opportunities. Our offering includes presentations on effective communication, CV writing, interview skills, business etiquette, personal styling and grooming.

Redundancy and Career Transition

Having been employed in a particular company or industry for a long period of time, the adjustment into searching for new employment can be steep. The world of employment and the expectation of employers and recruiters is ever evolving. Some of our clients have reached senior levels within their company have interviewed numerous applicants but have long since been interviewees. Our services help to upskill these individuals on how to write a CV that is a clear illustration of their experience and knowledge to date, interview practice and most importantly job search methods such as the use of social media.

Long Term Unemployed

We help the long term unemployed understand the expectation of employers and assist them in building their confidence, we believe that being unemployed for a long period of time can be a barrier to success. The feeling that one will not be successful in their pursuit of employment often prevents them from conveying themselves positively during interview. Our employability programme has been developed to give a 360 degree illustration of labour market.

We help all of our clients understand how to effectively differentiate themselves from their peers. At Be Employed UK, it is our job to help you do this for your students and it is a responsibility we take very seriously and apply 100% commitment to.

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