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Be Styled UK Testimonials

Stephanie C- Personal Shopping with Jeminee September 2016

I would like to say thank you to everyone who made my day memorable, Jeminee was really friendly and helpful, she made me aware of what can be acheived with little effort.

Nick R- Personal Shopping with Marika September 2015

Marika was excellent. It was a worthwhile and enjoyable shopping experience.

Be Styled UK gave my mum the opportunity to buy a nice gift for me, and I would use you again.

This is a great experience thanks to the knowledge and energy Marika has for this. She takes the time to know you and analyse you professionally before choosing which shops are best. She looks after you the whole time and makes the experience truly excellent.

Victoria F- Personal Shopping with Amina May 2015

Amina at Be Styled UK was very professional and knowledgeable and found some beautiful clothes for events that I had coming up that suited my body shape. Amina ensured that I got the most out of the personal shopping experience and that I achieved what I was looking for. Highly recommend their services!

Amina was very good at picking out outfits that went well together and suited my body shape.

Amanda P –Personal Shopping with Marika May 2015

As soon as I met Marika I knew she was the right person for the job.  She was charming and very professional.  She took the time to understand what I wanted to gain from the experience and talked me through her thoughts as we shopped every step of the way.  I already had a general idea of what colours and shapes suited me but that was limited and she gave me many more options than I had ever imagined.  Since my experience I have gone shopping in my own town and found the whole experience so enjoyable and easy.  I picked things off the rails that were perfect for me and I feel that I have gained a new understanding of how to actually shop successfully.  It has saved so much time and money to have been taught the principles of building a wardrobe of staple pieces to then complement with colour and personality.  I would thoroughly recommend it.  It will save you a fortune in the long run and avoid you wasting money on clothes you will never wear.

It has helped me to push the boundaries; appreciate the colours I should choose and garment style and fit that suits my shape.  I would definitely like to do it again and would choose Styled UK

Carol Harvey- Personal Shopping with Marika April 2015

Yes, I would use you again. Realise that whilst there are things you don’t like about yourself being Styled to compliment what good features you have makes you feel more confident

It was a very enjoyable experience and informative. That aside, I would definitely recommend your services.

Beth C- Personal Shopping with Marika March 2015

I bought this session for my sisters Birthday, she was very pleased with it, Marika was lovely, very approachable and helped my sister pick a fantastic outfit.

Tina C- Ultimate Makeover Package November 2014

I had an amazing experience on my birthday when I treated myself to a package with Be Styled UK. It was absolutely amazing to go shopping with a Stylist Director, have your make up and hair done and then have a photoshoot. I couldn’t have spent my birthday any better as it was all organised by Be Styled and everything went according to plan and time. I have been recommending this to all my friends and family too.

Jo T – Ultimate Makeover Package for Daughter Megan October 2014

The Day has helped Megan with her confidence so much.Everything about the day was fantastic. Great personal shopper and we were overwhelmed with the quality of the photos!! Highly recommended.  Thank you so much for putting this together for her.

Emma R – Personal Shopping with Marika October 2014

I have some coordinated outfits and a more focused “look” now. I wore one to a work event yesterday and was highly complimented on it. I would say that perhaps the stylist lost track of time as we spent 2 of the 3 hours in one shop. Nevertheless I would consider doing it again. I spent 3 hours shopping with Marika. It was a very enjoyable experience; I’ve come away with better coordinated outfits, and a somewhat more focused look. Since then I’ve been greatly complimented by colleagues and friends. 3 hours might not be enough time for everybody: I would recommend considering going for longer or being very focused about what you wish to achieve at the outset.

Steffani-Jade – Personal Shopping with Marika June 2014

Marika was very supportive and non judgemental.  She worked incredibly hard to find me the right outfit to wear – full of energy, great ideas and positivity. Found me something great to wear and given me confidence to wear it!

Franck – Personal Shopping with Marika April 2014 

I would use the service again for another special occasion. This was really helped me consider styles I would probably not have thought of trying.. now I feel more knowledgeable in picking items out.

Mary from Hounslow – Wardrobe Consultation – April 2014

Its given me a new view on things I have already in my wardrobe and how to wear them differently. Tips and tricks I wouldn’t have known I hadn’t been told

Marika is a lovely fun vibrant person who quickly figured out what suits me and what sort of style goes with my shape. I thought my wardrobe had nothing good in there but she started to mix and match my own clothes to give them a new look. I wore one of the outfits to work a few days later and people thought I’d been out shopping when in fact I’d always had the pieces but never smartened them up until she showed me.

Marie gift purchase for son Franck, April 2014

We had a great time. Marika was lovely and very helpful. We came back with a full wardrobe for Franck, as planned.

Indeed you might hear from us again.

Donna, W. Ultimate Makeover Package 27th March 2014

Saturday was a wonderful experience. My stylist Marika, was very good and has gave me some good tips and advice and we made some lovely purchases. She has gave me confidence to try new things. The only thing I would say is that two hours for the personal shopping wasn’t long enough!

The makeover at the studio and the photoshoot also didn’t disappoint. There was very little waiting around and it was very professional. The end result, the photos were amazing and ended the day perfectly.

Thank you for helping to arrange this

Alison P, Ultimate Makeover Package  27th February 2014

Shevelle was brilliant. Got most of what I needed and tried stuff I wouldn’t have even looked at before.  She was really helpful and friendly – not pushy at all.

I had a great time. Thank you