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Find out why having a website can get you a job

Find out why having a website can get you a job

Every one of us will have a different journey when it comes to finding a job after university, but I’m a firm believer that personal branding can play a supporting role when it comes to getting interviews and offers.

I’m a graduate of the University of Sussex where I studied Business Management Studies with Global Economics, but I’m probably mostly widely known for my time on BBC’s The Apprentice. Now, I’m a busy entrepreneur working on my personal branding consultancy, hosiery brand (which I revealed on the show) as well as many other exciting projects (but there’s too many to list here!).

Whilst you may not want to kick-start your career by throwing yourself into the limelight of primetime TV, there are some other ways to develop your personal branding, one of which is by having your own website.

Here are my reasons why having a website can be so effective……….

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