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How to Brand a Company

How to Brand a Company

How to Brand a Company



Is your company finding it difficult to attract new customers? Do customers contact you unsure of what your company does? Or do you feel like your competitors are controlling the market?

Do you know how to brand a company?

A brand forms the building blocks for every organisation. If you are unsure of how to brand a company effectively, it will be reflected in your sales figures and on your company’s overall success. Be Styled UK believes that you only have one chance to make a great first impression. So if you do not know how to brand your company, you are not making a great impression on your potential customers. A brand communicates what your company does, its uniqueness and its values to its customers. In today’s market, customers rely on their visual perceptions and first impressions, which is why it’s important that your brand is innovative, succinct and contemporary. So, it’s fundamental that you know how to brand a company.

A brand can be formed with a distinctive logo – such as the bright yellow ‘M’ of the famous fast-food organisation.

A brand can be formed with a memorable catchphrase or celebrity brand ambassador – such as the Olympian Usain Bolt.

Or a brand can consist of all these things and more. Brochures, fliers, leaflet, websites, signage and vehicle livery all form part of a brand identity.

When you decide how to brand a company, you have to ensure that you are interacting and connecting to your customers.

Be Styled UK understand the importance of corporate branding and out team are experts in the field. So we have decided to give you a little information as to how to brand a company:

  • Think about the services your company provides.
  • Write a list about what makes your company different from its competitors.
  • Think about your customers’ needs and desires. If possible, form a focus group or ask your customers for feedback.
  • Now try to design a logo which reflects your company’s tone of business, values and character. Ensure that the company name is not old-fashioned or inappropriate.
  • Be innovative and confident.

All these things can be difficult to do if you have time-restraints or are inexperienced in company branding.

So, if you still are unsure about how to brand a company. Call Be Styled UK on 020 7458 4508 for a free consultation on our corporate services.


Hannah Spence

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