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Image coaching is the process whereby an organisation assists companies and individuals in creating their image. In today’s society, image is important because we depend on our visual observations to make a judgement of someone or a situation. Therefore, companies which sell similar products need to create an image which shows how they are different to their competitors. Image coaching will help these companies convey their unique selling point and reflect their values in their image. Image coaching for companies will focus on the marketing touch points. Advertising campaigns, brochures, fliers, vehicle livery will all be subject to image coaching as this is how consumers get to know and familiarise themselves with a company image.

At Be Styled UK, we are experts in image coaching for individuals. Image coaching can help all individuals regardless of their background or field. Image coaching with Be Styled UK aims to make you a better you. Our image coaching package is delivered by our experienced image consultants and personal stylists. Be Styled UK image coaching is exceptional because it’s totally bespoke – designed around you. Our image consultants will talk to you to get to know your strengths and weakness. Then, during your image coaching session our image consultants will design your new image around your strengths and personality.

  1. How will Be Styled UK image coaching help you?
  • You will become aware of your strengths and weaknesses which will benefit you for your future career development.
  • Image coaching will create an image based on your strengths which will give you an air of confidence.
  • Be Styled UK personal stylists assist in the image coaching process, therefore you are likely to acquire a stylish, functional wardrobe.
  • Be Styled image coaching will help you develop invaluable communication skills which will enable you to formulate productive relationships.
  1. Do you need Be Styled UK image coaching?
  • If you are naturally stylish, a great communicator and have already achieved all of your ambitions in your personal life and professional career.
  • If you haven’t done the above. Image coaching will give you the confidence, knowledge and communication skills that you need to be successful in your life.

Be Styled image coaching is an enjoyable and enlightening experience. You will gain an awareness of yourself, others and gain a new perspective on life.

To begin your image coaching experience contact Be Styled UK on 0208 667 9519 for your free consultation.


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