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Outfits for Under £40

Outfits for Under £40

Gentlemen, unlike the ladies you have a limited selection of outfits. It’s harder to accessorize for you. Try solid colour trousers and a fun themed shirt for a smart casual work environment. Dress shirts, ties, trousers and dress shoes are best for formal settings.

Smart Casual Look-


Jade green bird print short sleeve from New Look- £14.99

Navy coloured trousers from New Look- £14.99

Cream slip on shoes from New Look- £9.99

Total- £39

Professional Look-


White basic long sleeve shirt from New Look- £9.99

Black slim fit tailoured trousers from New Look- £17.99

Black leather-look PU Gibson shoes from New Look- £19.99

Total- £48 (whoops, almost made it gents!


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