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Concierge Personal Shopping

Concierge Personal Shopping

Too Busy to Shop or Dislike Shopping?

Concierge Personal Shopping – (minimum 2 hrs)

You are required to have an initial personal fitting and style analysis consultation before using this service. After an initial consultation, your personal stylist will be armed with the knowledge to shop on your behalf. Concierge personal shopping is a no obligation service, you set the period of time that your stylist shops for, you set the budget and your personal stylist returns the items to you at an agreed time and location. During your allocated shopping period, your personal stylist is available via telephone if you wish to add to the list of purchases or require an update on progress. You keep and pay for what you like and your personal stylist returns the rest to the store at no additional cost to you.

If you require styling for an event and you are at work, your personal stylist can go shopping for you and bring the items to your place of work.

  • Senior Stylist: £100ph
  • Style Executive: £150ph
  • Style Director: £175ph