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Full Colour & Style Analysis

Full Colour & Style Analysis

The full col1analysis includes a colour analysis and personal style discussion, including suggestions on illusion dressing:

The colour analysis aspect of this consultation will give you a firm understanding of the best colours to wear to complement your features and why. Simply wearing the right colour and understanding your optimal colour combinations can enhance your natural look making you appear slimmer, healthier and often younger. Once you understand the colours that are most flattering for you, your stylist will give you a few basic rules for mixing and matching shades. These simple tips and an injection of new colour into your wardrobe can transform your existing wardrobe and shopping habits

During the style analysis your personal stylist will inform you of the essential items required for your body shape, this key information will help you to make informed decision on purchases. We believe in enhancing your natural shape with the philosophy that you ‘are not the wrong shape, your clothes are’ by adopting the right cuts, styles and fabric clothes can have an illusionary effect on your body. Small details and professional know how will help you to highlight your best assets and disguise the ones you are not as happy with. The style analysis is also a good opportunity for the stylist to get to know you, thus allowing you to create a personal style profile that is both flattering and in line with your personality and industry. During the session your chosen stylist will assess your body and face shape whilst identifying key areas of focus when creating a look, you will be taught the principles of dressing for your body shape which you can use to shop with or without your stylist ensuring success every time. By the end of the session you will know what you want to achieve and how to achieve it.

The majority of us wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time because instinctively we feel much better in some than in others. Once you understand which colours, styles and shapes are best suited to you; you will understand what it is about that 20% of your wardrobe that makes you feel wonderful. You will then be armed to ensure the other 80% is up to scratch!

Delivered @ Home for £150.00

Full ‘Colour Analysis’ available from Marika or Tanja only.