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About Us

After studying Business Management and Economics at the University of Sussex, Bianca joined the world’s largest and most reputable management/ technology consulting firm. Whilst at Accenture, Bianca was HR advisor to a third of a thousand strong graduate pool. In addition to her role she was asked by senior management to develop an initiative to help the graduates develop the desirable skills to aid their career advancement. The initiative was called ‘Preparing for Promotion’.


Bianca utilised her natural flair and like a duck to water began advising graduates of the personal brand attributes required to be successful. Having thoroughly enjoyed a career at Accenture, she felt it was time to move on and took a position at a top financial recruitment firm.

A brief stint in the work of recruitment enabled Bianca to experience firsthand the plight of unemployed individuals seeking employment in tough economic times. Time and time again the same types of people succeeded because they understood the importance of their personal brand. Conversely time and time again the majority failed to even pass the first two hurdles. Hurdle number 1 – writing a CV that was captivating / interesting enough to even warrant a phone call from a recruitment consultant. Hurdle 2- Having the right experience on paper and thus being invited into the agency to then fail to execute a satisfactory interview. Often due to an inability to effectively communicate or present themselves appropriately for the situation.

Personal development was clearly a requirement across the board, some call it softer skills training which slightly undermines its importance. The ability to engage in conversation, effectively network, convey expertise, be presentable and deliver consistently on your brand offering is far from soft. In fact it is quite hard!


The Be Group is currently divided into 3 key sections:

Be Branded UK: Offering key personal development training to all, personal brand creation is taught via workshops, coaching and individual profile development by experienced consultants. Personal branding is essential for employees to aid career advancement and of particular importance for entrepreneurs. Personal branding (including online profile development, image, public speaking etc) combined with a strong PR/Marketing strategy is essential for owners of SMEs and senior managers. We offer a totally bespoke Personal Brand development service for individuals to help them grow their brand from the ground up.

Be Employed UK: Using the ethos of Personal Brand development with a clear commitment to employability. Be Employed UK actively help unemployed individuals, students, graduates and career changers to understand what is required of them to be successful in the labour market. This is taught via workshops and coaching by industry experts.

Be Styled UK: Offer personal styling services to enable you to complete your personal brand profile. With 7 seconds to make a first and lasting impression, we want to make sure your look is the right one – for you and your industry. Our team of expert stylists and beauticians are equipped to show you how.

The BE Group

  • Be employable
  • Be brand savvy
  • Be understood
  • Be stylish
  • Be renowned
  • Be an expert
  • Be the author of your destiny…

It’s Time To BE.