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How to Brand a Company

How to Brand a Company     Is your company finding it difficult to attract new customers? Do customers contact you unsure of what your company does? Or do you feel like your competitors are controlling the market? Do you know how to brand a company? A brand forms the building blocks for every organisation. […]

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Professional/Smart Casual Look for under £30

Professional/Smart Casual Look for under £30 Owens June/12/13 One of the best ways to gain an employer’s attention is to dress the part. This could be your future job so clearly, making a good impression is critical. You don’t need to spend a mass amount of money on your outfits either. Instead of buying multiple […]

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Personal branding expert

Personal branding expert     A personal branding expert is a professional who has extensive expertise in personal branding. A personal branding expert will also have knowledge in marketing because they will know how to best promote you as an individual. A personal branding expert will recognise that appearances are crucial in a society where […]

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Personal brand statement

Personal brand statement     Firstly, what is a personal brand statement? A personal brand statement is your unique selling point summarised in a clear, succinct paragraph. A personal brand statement will convince your potential employer that you are the best candidate for a job because you have skills, experience or competencies which are unique […]

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Personal branding coach: Do I need one?

Personal branding coach: Do I need one?     If you are wondering whether you need a personal branding coach – then you do. A personal branding coach will help you create a personal brand for yourself. Therefore, if you are doubtful, need a push in designing a personal brand or if you don’t know […]

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Qualifications for Beauty Therapist

Qualifications for Beauty Therapist   The qualifications for a beauty therapist can vary significantly ranging from a basic standard up towards the highest of qualifications those benefits of an advanced and complex level. Qualifications for a beauty therapist initially can be acquired from a college in the form of an NVQ which generally is a […]

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